Tea • coffee • Ke·song pie • light meal


Locksmith in ancient times (locksmith) all day immersed in research related to the locking technology, to provide a better defense system for people to use. Coffeesmith hoped that the same spirit of play in every cup of coffee, coffee tasters felt thick, bake master chef, bar staff for a cup of ordinary coffee into the effort.

Smith choice of different coffee producing areas of high altitude Arabica coffee beans through baking chef has over 20 years of experience using the world's first brand-Germany PROBAT coffee roaster coffee beans roasted to varying degrees in all areas of the coffee property, meet the Shannon into the throat, thick body, rich, and enchanting rhymes.

Smith coffee-spindles, has a professional kitchen, but want to make coffee in a very professional way time menu management you can play to the extreme.

0800-1500 brunch (exquisite coffee, Brunch)

1100-2000 dinner time (Italian noodles, steamed rice)

1300-1700 tea (sweets, light meals)

1800-2300 dining pub (beer Bistro boutique)


Smith International Ltd, established in 2012. Current store region as follows:

Coffee Smith Taipei (Taipei Taiwan, Hsinchu)

Coffee Smith Penang (currently three, future development area for Spice P.I.S.A and Komtar Top of Penang (OWG))




2015 number of outlets is expected to reach 7-10, the main regional focus on Taiwan, and Malaysia and China. Until the end of 2016, the head office number is expected to reach 30.




Intended for craftsmen, extended implications for professional people, we hope that in the coffee shop with baristas, professional kitchen, with perfect focus and enthusiasm of every moment, whether you just to experience a cup of "artisan coffee" or to enjoy delicious cuisine.